Transparency & trust

One ZARP is always redeemable for one Rand. Never more, never less. We know that trust is something that must be earned, and work constantly with our partners in asset management and auditing to ensure that ZARP deserves to be the most trusted stablecoin around.

Circulating token supply


ZARP tokens currently in circulation as of 06 June 2024

The number of circulating ZARP tokens represents all ZARP available across supported blockchain networks. This number can never exceed the value of treasury reserves that support the price of ZARP tokens.

Treasury Reserves

R 88,135,598.76

Rands held in reserve to back the value of ZARP tokens, as of 06 June 2024

ZARP Reserves are managed by Old Mutual Wealth. The value of cash and equivalent reserves in the ZARP Treasury can never be less than the amount of ZARP tokens in circulation. Reserves may not be used for any purpose other than the redemption of ZARP tokens at a 1:1 ratio. In this way ZARP Stablecoin ensures that ZARP tokens are never worth more or less than R1.

Attestation reports

Independent auditors at Kempen Audit review our treasury reserves and circulating token supplies directly to ensure that ZARP Stablecoin’s management assertions are verified.

Committed to best practices

ZARP Stablecoin is a proud member of the Stablecoin Standard, an industry body for stablecoin issuers globally that signifies compliance with industry standards.